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American Laser Products is the reseller's choice for OEM-quality affordable remanufactured laser toner cartridges. We offer a wide variety of popular toner cartridges, both monochrome and color. Our manufacturing facility is in Middleton, WI--there's no imported knock-offs that violate copyright laws. You'll know that your cartridge is truly environmentally friendly--no extra fuel was needed to get it here from China because it's made in Wisconsin. Also, because it's made in the USA, you're helping to employ your friends and neighbors in the US--not in some far away land.


We ship cartridges anywhere in the US (via FedEx or UPS, no international shipping). We can ship to you, our customer, or drop-ship to a customer of yours. There's no minimum shipment size, and we offer free shipping on orders over $400!


Our modern facility employs lean manufacturing techniques to keep inventory fresh--and, like in any other business, fresh inventory leads to higher customer satisfaction because fewer problems result from fresh inventory.


We realize that a high-quality cartridge is hard to justify if our prices are too high, so we keep our prices competitive with our peers. We don't strive to be the lowest-quality; we strive to be the highest quality with a competitive cost. Our products are guaranteed with no time limit--unlike the common 1-year warranty that many remanufacturers offer.


Finally, our "ace in the hole" is our terrific customer-service team, who are all based in Middleton, WI. No need to "press 1 for English"; English is all they speak. They'll take orders, answer questions, suggest answers for tech support issues, and give other customer-related suggestions in a professional manner. Of course, we also accept orders via fax and email and can respond through either of those methods as well, if you prefer. As you can see, we're a customer-driven business, because our customers are the reason we're in business. By helping you, the reseller, help your customer, we both profit.


Office Hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.


We're closed Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve after noon CT, Christmas Day, and New Years' Day.