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What Our Customers are Saying About ALP

ComDoc The customer service is great! I love that I get responses to my questions almost immediately and that you acknowledge when you receive my PO's. Thank you!
Cartridge Savers I think you guys do really well; nothing really sticks out to me that isn’t working. The cartridges are ready quickly and look good to me; the customer service is good too. Tim also does a good job with the customer service on the ABM orders, those can be frustrating. 
Laser Save Your service etc. has always been very good which I do appreciate.
Ecological Toner It is very nice working with your company as a vendor. Every time I have called with a question, there has always been someone there that can give me an answer, which is very helpful because in this business, sometimes I don’t have time to wait around for a call back. As far as shipping, since we are local, we pick up our orders, so I don’t have anything to add as far as that is concerned. Your pricing is competitive, which is nice because we like to use local business rather than shipping from across the country. Overall, like I said, your company has been nice to work with and I haven’t seen anything so far that needs improving on. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Bubricks Well, if every vendor I had was as helpful and efficient as ALP I’d have the dream job. YOU meet every expectation we have of a vendor and then some. You folks don’t realize this, because I’ve never had a need to call you for these reasons, but if I’m unhappy with a vendor I am not bashful about calling and voicing my concerns. You guys are the best!
One Source Everything is good!
Unisource No complaints. You guys are my most dependable supplier!